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Guidebook: Stonehenge

Guidebook: Stonehenge


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Stonehenge, where stones of wonderful size have been erected after the manner of doorways & no one can conceive how such great stones have been so raised aloft, or why they were built thereFrom Henry of Huntingdons History of the English People, written in about 1130

Stonehenge is one of the best-known ancient monuments in the world and its global importance is reflected in its World Heritage Site status. Although its exact purpose remains a mystery, this magnificent monument was created in the Neolithic period with banks, ditches and iconic standing stones aligned to mark the passage of the sun and the changing seasons at the solstices.
This comprehensively revised and superbly illustrated guidebook reflects the recent changes to the site and its surrounding landscape and takes account of the latest research and analysis. It discusses the key questions of when, how and why Stonehenge may have been built, and who might have built it. The guidebook includes an innovative and newly commissioned timeline that places Stonehenge and the surrounding monuments in historical context, and the site and landscape are explored through brand new maps, diagrams, photographs and reconstruction drawings.
Extent: 52pp
Illustrations: More than 130 illustrations (colour and black and white)
Tour of Stonehenge 3
Tour of the Stonehenge - Landscape 17
- Mesolithic Postholes 17
- Stonehenge Cursus 18
- Winterbourne Stoke Crossroads Long Barrow 18
- Durrington Walls 19
- Woodhenge 22
- Cuckoo Stone 23
- Stonehenge Down Barrows 24
- Cursus Barrows 26
- Old and New King Barrows 26
- Normanton Down Barrows 27
History of Stonehenge 31
Special Features
- Dating Stonehenge 5
- Shaping and Raising the Stones 9
- Was Stonehenge Completed? 12
- The Alignment of Stonehenge 14
- The River Avon in Prehistory 19
- Life at Durrington Walls 21
- Maud Cunnington 22
- Bronze Age Barrows 25
- Wider Landscape 28
- Timeline of Stonehenge 32
- Why Was Stonehenge Built? 36
- The Beaker Culture 38
- Bronze Age Carvings on the Stones 41
- The Druids 45
- Stonehenge and the Military 48
- Local Perspectives 50
Maps and Plans
- Possible Sarsen and Bluestone Routes 8
- Wider Landscape 28
Site Plans Inside back cover

Size: 285x210mm (Paperback)
Author: Julian Richards
ISBN: 978 1 84802 240 9

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