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Preserve the memory of our great historical sites with one of our collectable souvenirs. Visitors to Stonehenge and Kenwood House will find keyrings, magnets, mugs, teddies and more, many exclusive to English Heritage. Celebrating some of the greatest periods in history, we also have replicas of ancient drinking vessels, reproduction sword letter openers and Second World War memorabilia, from a RAF bear to fun Dad’s Army signs. 

Heraldic Goblet image
Heraldic Goblet
Enjoy a drink at your medieval banquet with the heraldic goblet. A great decorative piece or talking point at dinner, the goblet makes a great gift; fit for a king. Key Features: Made from st...


Heraldic Tankard image
Heraldic Tankard
Enjoy a drink of your finest ale in this heraldic tankard. The tankard covered in and heraldic pattern of Wyvern's and Fleur-de-lis is the perfect drinking vessel for any medieval banquet. ...


Stonehenge Bookend image
Stonehenge Bookend
Our exclusive Stonehenge Bookend will look great on any bookshelf or just as part of a display on a mantelpiece. The Stonehenge Trilithon shaped bookend is handcrafted in England and will make a great...


Charles Darwin Baboon Skull - Large image
Charles Darwin Baboon Skull - Large
Display this magnificent sculpture on a desk in your study or on a table in the living room as a lasting reminder of the work of great British naturalist, Charles Darwin. Beautifully crafted by hand e...


Charles Darwin Baboon Skull - Small image
Charles Darwin Baboon Skull - Small
Celebrate the work of the great British naturalist Charles Darwin with this beautifully-crafted baboon skull. The sculpture is a finely detailed replica of the female baboon skull that still sits in t...


Stonehenge Watercolour Mug image
Stonehenge Watercolour Mug
Every time you drink from this mug you will be reminded of the mesmerising beauty of Stonehenge as it stands amongst the Wiltshire countryside. Designed in England and printed with an exclusive waterc...


Stonehenge Glitter Snowglobe image
Stonehenge Glitter Snowglobe
Stonehenge stands as a powerful witness to the once great civilization of the Stone and Bronze Ages, between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago. See it in the snow by simply shaking this charming snowglobe - a...


Stonehenge Wooden Pin Badge image
Stonehenge Wooden Pin Badge
Wooden pin badge depicting a wonderful illustration of Stonehenge with the wording, 'Stonehenge I've Seen The Stones'. A great souvenir from one of the worlds greatest heritage sites....


Stonehenge Glass Laser Block image
Stonehenge Glass Laser Block
Solid block of glass, featuring a 3-D laser engraved image inside of the stones of Stonehenge in their current orientation. ...


Sword in the Stone Snow Globe - Large image
Sword in the Stone Snow Globe - Large
Display this magical snow globe in your home as a beautiful reminder of the legend that is King Arthur. Inside the glass globe is a replica of Arthur's infamous sword set into a mound of stones. S...


King Arthur Pewter Tankard image
King Arthur Pewter Tankard
Celebrate one of England's most famous and mysterious historical figures with this beautiful hand crafted tankard. It has been made exclusively for English Heritage to commemorate the mesmeri...


King Arthur Pewter Charger image
King Arthur Pewter Charger
Celebrate England's rich history with this magnificent charger plate. Made exclusively for English Heritage, it is engraved in the centre with an image of King Arthur's sword in a stone. It re...


Excalibur Letter Opener in Stone image
Excalibur Letter Opener in Stone
Excalibur (meaning to 'cut steel') was the great sword of King Arthur which 'gave light like 30 torches'. In the Arthurian stories, the name is given to two different swords - the one ...


Large Leather Goblet image
Large Leather Goblet
This leather hand made drinking vessel is intended for use by anyone who can appreciate fine ales, cider or wines consumed from attractive, durable and interesting vessels, as well as historic re-enac...


Medieval Large Leather Jack image
Medieval Large Leather Jack
The Traditional Jack of the medieval tavern obtained its name from the material used in its manufacture being Jack leather which is still created by soaking in very hot water. When dry the leather is ...


Forged Fork & Spoon Set image
Forged Fork & Spoon Set
In the Middle Ages cutlery was very much a personal item and was rarely supplied by a host. As such, people would carry their own eating utensils with them from place to place, always on hand for thei...


Excalibur Letter Opener image
Excalibur Letter Opener
Excalibur (meaning to 'cut steel') was the great sword of King Arthur which 'gave light like 30 torches'. In the Arthurian stories, the name is given to two different swords - the one ...


Stonehenge Mini Model image
Stonehenge Mini Model
There is nothing quite like Stonehenge anywhere in the world. We shall never know why hundreds of people struggled over a great many years to build this fascinating monument. Showing Stonehenge as it ...


Sword in the Stone Snow Globe - Small image
Sword in the Stone Snow Globe - Small
Enjoy a lasting memento of the magic and mystery of legendary King Arthur with this lovely keepsake souvenir. Made exclusively for English Heritage's Tintagel Castle range of gifts, it captures th...


Stonehenge Framed magnet image
Stonehenge Framed magnet
Stonehenge is surely Britain's greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. Its original purpose is unclear, but some have speculated that it was a temple made for the worship...


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